Keren Hantman

Keren Hantman sees the filmmaker as a social leader, one who has the ability not only to give viewers a conceptual experience but also to open them to a different view of themselves and their society.


The need to listen, watch, tell, and create stories has been an inseparable part of Keren Hantman’s life since she can remember herself. Keren has been working in film, television, and theater productions for the past 15 years.


After the birth of her first son, Noah, Keren discovered the advantages and disadvantages of being a filmmaker and a mother. The inspiring yet overwhelming role of being a mother, combined with the tension of work on film sets in a predominantly male environment, helped drive her to write and direct films about the female experience, with the mission to help other women create as well.


Ludovica Isidori is an Italian cinematographer with a MFA in Cinematography from the American Film Institute. With a background in fashion photography, she has a fierce sense of style and an eye for beautiful imagery that she uses to serve her storytelling. Ludovica was selected as one of the 30 filmmakers of Project Involve and her films have screened around the world, from Cannes to Shanghai, from SXSW to the HBO short film competition. 

Between 2017 and 2018, Ludovica received three prizes for Best Cinematography, for her shorts Intercept, directed by Jackie Stone,  and Peggie, co-created with Rosario Capozzolo.


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Ludovica Isidori