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Rabbi Greenbaum honors film and television director Ralph Senensky at Opening Night
CBI members Wendy Cohn, Bev Nussbaum, and Barbara Mitchell host reception at MIIS
Rabbi Bruce Greenbaum, Jeff Dayton-Johnson, Amy Sands, and Nukhet Kardam at The Green Prince

     GALLERY 2016

CJFF co-chairs Susan Greenbaum, Debbie Winick, and Marsha Kelly
Arlene Krebs, President, Arts Council for Monterey County, introduces Dough on Opening Night 

Reception table at MIIS

Paul Miller, publisher, Carmel Pine Cone, introduces The Green Prince
MIIS faculty members Jeffrey Bale, Amy Sands, and Nukhet Kardam discuss the film The Green Prince
Reception hosts at Golden Bough Playhouse: Susan Greenbaum, Barbara Neil, and Cele Passin
Betty Jagoda Murphy, Ariel Lowell, Flory Jagoda, Howard Bass, and Susan Gaeta perform concert following Flory's Flame
Rabbi Bruce Greenbaum moderates Q & A with Aimee Ginsburg Bikel 
Deli Dinner crew, from front: Donna Shore, Ilan Hornik, Abra Teitler, Illia Thompson, Malina Breaux, Terry Teplitzky, Phil Sammet
Zad and Laela Leavy, left, and Marty and Karen Wiskoff host reception for The Dove Flyer
Marsha Kelly, Aimee Bikel, Reg Huston, Susan Greenbaum, and Debbie Winick 
Flory Jagoda, 92, receives standing ovation
Reception preceding Flory's Flame
Rabbi Greenbaum moderates Q & A following Deli Man with our own local deli man, Terry Teplitzky
David Sabih speaks after The Dove Flyer
Jaleh Pinazar and Sadok Masliyah, The Dove Flyer panelists
Bobbie Ehrenpreis, Event Sponsor, with Sadok Masliyah and David Sabih, speakers following The Dove Flyer
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