Opening Night, March 4: On the Map

Yoshimi Ishii, Rikki Grosskopf, and Bobby Block prepare for Opening Night

Co-chair Sam Ezekiel welcomes audience

Basketball cupcakes 

Reception Hosts Bobby & Jenifer Block

Jamie and Rich Gerber with Dani Menkin

Our Opening Night check-in volunteers

DLI volunteer Rikki Grosskopf makes sliders with Bobby Block

Patrons enjoy Opening Night reception

Event Underwriters Richard Gerber, Barbara Ehrenpreis and Joann Storkan with filmmaker Dani Menkin 

Dani Menkin with Israeli photographer Amos Nachoum

Volunteers Richard and Susan Platt

Reception Hosts Bobby Block and Malina Breaux

CJFF co-chair Susan Greenbaum

Reception Hosts Angelica and Marshal Blatt

The Opening Night food theme was basketball.

Co-chairs Susan Greenbaum, Marsha Kelly, and Sam Ezekiel with filmmaker Dani Menkin

Richard Gerber introduces Dani Menkin

Dani Menkin intro-duces On the Map.

Wendie Ryter and Marsha Kelly

Claire, Shayna, and Sophie

March 5: Rock in the Red Zone

David Awerbuck introduces Laura Bialis, filmmaker

Israeli food reception: chicken shwarma, baba ganoush, mejadra, Israeli salad, bourekas, hummus, tahini cookies, babka

Event Underwriters Tehila and Saul Eisenstat with Laura Bialis and Avi Vaknin

Event Underwriters Bruce and Susan Greenbaum with Laura Bialis and Avi Vaknin

Avi Vaknin performs following film

Director Laura Bialis and musician Avi Vaknin at the Q & A

Event Benefactors David Awerbuck and Astrid Holberg with Laura Bialis and Avi Vaknin


Reception Hosts Betzi and Harlan Grogin, Vivi and Paul Fenwick, Marlene and Gadi Maier

They must have been too busy preparing and monitoring all the delicious Israeli cusine!

March 18: Rosenwald

Dumisani and Valerie Washington

Event Benefactors Natalie and Jim Sammet

Event Underwriters Beth and Dan Cort

Ann Todd Jealous introduces the film

Q & A with Dumisani Washington, moderated by Dan Cort

CJFF Co-chair Sam Ezekiel welcomes the audience

Event Underwriters David Sabih and Anna Swartley

Dan introduces speaker Dumisani Washington

             Closing Night, March 19: Frank vs. God

Ann and Faye greet our film guests

Chef's Tasting Party reception

Sue serves ratatouille at the reception

Marsha Kelly introduces

the panel

Our distinguished panel, moderated by film director Stewart Schill and film producer Scott Schill

Our hard-working Reception Hosts Toni Lakind, Cara Lieb, and Barbara Neil

Reception Host Clark Miller enjoys the Chef's Tasting Party

Thank you to our wonderful audiences and our Defense Language Institute volunteers!

Reception hosts Barbara and Steve Neil with daughter Jana

Filmmaker and director Stewart Schill

Film producer Scott Schill