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Carmel Jewish Film Festival

Please click on the logos to learn more about our sponsors.

Carmel Jewish Film Festival



The CJFF website will have a large number of views during the festival period. Each year the CJFF continues to demonstrate a steady growth in attendance, media visibility, and quality programming. CJFF attendees are a sophisticated, valuable consumer market, and our event provides a captive audience and a variety of promotional opportunities.


Sponsors have options to be recognized at screenings, on posters and event programs, and during introductions to films. They may have special access to speakers at private events. Logo placement, ads, and direct links will increase traffic to our Sponsors' websites and reach thousands of people with our digital marketing strategy. Sponsors may also donate needed goods and services equal to the value of a Sponsor option.


Sponsors can now book films and events online using their Sponsor Benefit Tickets. 


Sponsor will receive a unique password via email to make their bookings online or by calling 800-838-3006.

Please refer to the CJFF website TICKETS page on how to book events online using Sponsor benefit tickets.

Sponsors have the following options for processing payments:


1. Use the online Ticketing System by clicking on the "BUY SPONSORSHIP 2018" box on this page.

2. Call BPT Ticketing Office at 800-838-3006 to process payments.

3. Call the CBI Office at 831-624-2015.


Sponsors who pay through the CBI Office, CJFF website or by calling BPT will receive an access code to select their tickets and events.


Sponsors who do not select their films and events in advance can pick up their tickets at Will Call on any film night. Tickets are on a  space available basis..


Sponsors must reserve their film and reception tickets for Closing Night "The Sturgeon Queens" IN ADVANCE OF THIS EVENT DATE to be guaranteed a space. 


All donation payments are final.