Greg Laemmle

Greg Laemmle is the President of Laemmle Theatres, a family-owned and operated company which has been exhibiting movies in Los Angeles since 1938. The chain was started by Greg's grandfather Max, who began the business together with his brother Kurt when they took over the operation of two theaters in the city's Highland Park neighborhood. Both Max and Kurt got their start in the industry working for Carl Laemmle, the legendary founder of Universal Studios, who was their father's first cousin. Greg is the third generation to run the company, having taken over in 2004 from his father Robert.


The Laemmle chain currently operates nine locations with 42 screens, all in Los Angeles County. Most recently, they opened a five-screen complex in the city of Glendale and soon will begin construction on a seven-screen theater in the Old Town Newhall section of the city of Santa Clarita.


A graduate of the University of California at Berkeley, Greg is one of less than a handful of exhibitors honored with membership in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Firm believers in the benefits of multiplexing, Greg and his wife Tish have triplet sons, Gabriel, Nadav, and Ezra.

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