East Jerusalem/West Jerusalem

February 11, 2018 at Congregation Beth Israel, Carmel

4 p.m. Free Sneak Preview Film

Documentary  / Israel / 2014

Director: Erez Miller, Henrique Cymerman

Running Time: 80 minutes

English, Arabic, and Hebrew with English subtitles


About The Film

An Israeli folk-rock superstar uses the power of music to alter political and social realities, and unite musical artists on both sides of the Middle East divide, in EAST JERUSALEM WEST JERUSALEM. Often dubbed an Israeli Bruce Springsteen, singer-songwriter David Broza makes it his mission to promote peace through his soul-stirring vocal and guitar work, and fusion of musical influences. At a time when Israeli-Palestinian tensions seem at a fever pitch, the dogged artist-activist tries to fulfill a longtime dream of connecting adversaries by recording an album in Arab East Jerusalem. Crossing so-called enemy lines, he is joined by Grammy-winning artist-producer Steve Earle. Over just eight days, in a tiny East Jerusalem studio, Israeli and Palestinian music collaborators jam together in harmonious creation. As they share deep conversation and surprising personal truths, the music breaks through the cynicism and fear, and coexistence becomes palpable. Chronicling the creative process in which art transcends politics, EAST JERUSALEM WEST JERUSALEM brings new energy and optimism to the search for common ground in an endlessly turbulent war zone.