Natasha Lipkina

I grew up in Leningrad, former USSR; I completed my MA in education, and worked as a Japanese and English-speaking tour guide, translator and interpreter.  During “perestroika”, I worked as a business liaison for one of the first new private companies.

I moved to California at the end of 1990 to complete production of the “Spirit of a People” documentary about Russia, and to continue my education.  After completion of the MBA program at Dominican University in San Rafael, CA, I worked at a non-profit organization, Center for Citizen Initiatives, as Director of the Productivity Enhancement Program that provided business training to Russian business owners. 

The program has been funded by the USIA, and has been considered as the most efficient

and effective business management training model as it has been supported by majority of the Rotary clubs across United States.  During those years, I learned to appreciate good will and generous contributions made by Rotarians. who shared with budding Russian business men and women their expertise, their homes, and their time.   I have been a Rotarian only for one year in Mill Valley but had to stop my membership due to the new challenges of moving to Silicon Valley and starting new demanding job with HP.

After 15 years of working at as a manager of such web programs as accessibility, privacy, domain naming, visual identity, etc. and participating in various web-related organizations I moved to Carmel with my husband. 

In Monterey County, for one year, I worked as Executive Director of the PowerOverCancer, Supportive Care Alliance, non-profit organization, and, then, started my own business creating a documentary that would tell as story of immigration from the former USSR and Russia.

Alex Bordetsky

Dr. Alex Bordetsky is tenured Professor of  Information Sciences at the Naval Postgraduate School. He also holds dual appointment with the Space Systems Academic Group at NPS.  Professor Bordetsky is Director of the NPS Center for Network Innovation and Experimentation (CENETIX). He is a recipient of prestigious Robert W. Hamming Interdisciplinary Research Award for the pioneering studies of adaptive collaborative networking and the Fulbright Senior Scholar Award for the experimental studies of unconventional networking in space with the Israel Institute of Technology ( Technion) team. Dr. Bordetsky is the Principal Investigator for the renowned TNT Maritime Interdiction Operations  Military-Academic Experimentation Campaign, which is now in transformation to Maritime-Land Littoral and CWMD operations study.   His research accomplishments are featured in the AFCEA  SIGNAL  Magazine, Via Sat,   USSOCOM  Tip of the Spear Journal, Pentagon Channel, and  Fulbright Newsletter.


Dr. Bordetsky publishes in major Information Sciences journals including Information Systems Research, Telecommunication Systems Modeling and Analysis, International Journal of Mobile Wireless Communications, and  International Command and Control Research Journal.


As US Fulbright Senior Scholar for Israel, Dr. Bordetsky continues to work on the breakthrough studies with the Technion team,  by bringing the long-term support to the joint research with colleagues in Israel from the US Office of Naval Research Global The latest developments include joint studies with newly created Haifa Center for Maritime Strategy Research,  as well as advanced  analytical research with the Bar-Ilan and Ben-Gurion universities.

Michael Segal

Michael Segal was born in Moscow during the oligarchical rule of the General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev and his comrades, and immigrated with his parents to Israel in 1972 at the age of nine. Michael's personal experiences during his early years in Moscow, combined with stories told by his parents, older brother and uncle weave an intricate quilt of white, black and many shades of gray in between about the life of Jews in Russia in the late sixties and early seventies. While some jews decided to stay in Russia at the time, others chose to immigrate citing Zionism as the official reason, even though many of them ended up immigrating to the US. Michael grew up in Israel, served in the military, graduated from Technion - Israel Institute of Technology with degree in Electrical Engineering, cum laude, and from Tel Aviv University with an MBA. Michael moved to US in 1996 and lives in the Bay Area.

Galena Bordetsky

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