Muhi: Generally Temporary

March 17, 2018 at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

6:30 p.m. Premium Reception, 7:30 p.m. Film, Followed by Panel Discussion


Documentary / Israel / 2017

Director: Rina Castelinuovo, Tamir Elterman  

Running Time: 89 minutes

Hebrew and Arabic with English subtitles


About The Film


Muhi, a young boy from Gaza, has been trapped in an Israeli hospital for the past 7 years. Rushed there in his infancy with a life-threatening immune disorder, he and his doting grandfather, Abu Naim, wound up caught in an immigration limbo that made it impossible for them to leave. With Muhi’s visa unclear, and Abu Naim denied a work permit or visa, the pair reside solely within the constraints of the hospital walls. Caught between two states in perpetual war, Muhi is being cared for by the very same people whose government keeps his family marooned in Gaza. Made by two filmmakers from Jerusalem, this documentary lays out the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in human terms, documenting the impact these paradoxical circumstances have on individual lives.



AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD          UK Jewish Film Festival, 2017

BEST DOCUMENTARY of 2017      Israeli TV Channel 10

GOLDEN KAPOK AWARD                Best Documentary Director and Best Documentary Feature Guangzhou Documentary Film Festival, China 2017

NIGHT AWARD                                   Best Documentary Internacional Festival Signos de la Noite, Portugal, 2017