CJFF Welcomes Holocaust Scholar Rachel Deblinger

March 12 at Lighthouse Cinemas in Pacific Grove

Dr. Deblinger will be leading a discussion following the film, Once in A Lifetime, on Sunday, March 12. The film begins at 3:30 p.m. at Lighthouse Cinemas in Pacific Grove. 


Rachel Deblinger is the Director of the Digital Scholarship Commons at the UCSC Library. Her work fosters Digital Humanities research and learning across campus by supporting new digital pedagogy efforts and creating opportunities for the entire campus community to develop digital skills and literacy. Deblinger is also the co-director of the Digital Jewish Studies project through the Center for Jewish Studies at UCSC.


Deblinger completed her doctorate in History at UCLA in 2014 and is currently writing a book manuscript titled, “Saving Our Survivors: How American Jews learned about the Holocaust” (under contract with Indiana University Press). Her research focuses on the construction of Holocaust memory in postwar America through efforts of Jewish communal organizations to aid survivors in Europe. To expand the conversation about postwar Holocaust narratives, media technology, and survivor memory, Deblinger has created an online exhibit and blog, Memories/Motifs (http://memoriesmotifs.com).

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